A Fully Integrated Renewable Energy Grid Still a Long Way

If we pay particular attention to a recent estimate, America faces an ambitious move to integrate 100 % renewable energy. This venture could potentially save the state $321 billion worth of energy prices. Additionally, the prospect also helps to reduce pollution realized from global warming. A previous proposal provided by Donald Trump had significantly adverse and expensive effects on the US economy. However, the leading Democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden, pledged his efforts to curtail greenhouse gas emissions from the US grid within fifteen years. He also plans to have the country as a zero-emissions state by 2050. 

However, recent studies done by a climate reform group, Rewiring America, found that households stand to profit significantly from a move to integrate renewable energy options like wind fully and solar into the grid. Based on this study, industry pollutions cause over 40% of the realized environmental emissions. These emissions are a result of household heating, electricity use, refrigeration practices, and locomotive transport. Based on this study, industry pollutions cause over 40% of the realized environmental emissions. These emissions caused by household heating, electricity use, refrigeration practices, and locomotive transport

Households have the potential of saving $321 billion if they integrate a fully electric production system and change the grid to work with renewable electricity. These savings amount to $2,500 per household in a year. However, households still face the initial upfront cost of installing solar panels and power equipment like stovetops and heat pumps. In that effect, Rewiring America ascertains that the extensive integration of a public-based renewable energy production system requires proper government funding. The organization says that such a scaled integration of renewables will assist the public to realize substantial savings.

Rewiring America’s executive director, Adam Zurofsky, stated that the electrification of the country’s entire grid has the potential to bring savings at par with household levels of income. Zurofsky further noted that the government needs to make considerable sacrifices and costs in order to realize proper changes in the environment. He believes that such moves are the right thing to do for the planet. That being said, the advantages of such a system are rarely discussed. This system can boost the economy while bringing substantial savings to people’s money while eliminating residential pollution.

The redeeming qualities for renewable energy sources are currently more than their disadvantages. Renewable energy provides an opportunity for savings and environmental conservation. However, integrating a fully green system still needs considerable investment.