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while playing overseas, professional basketball. Follow along his journey.

If there’s one thing our world needs right now, it’s what Taylor Rochestie calls A New 20/20 Vision.

2020 or 2021 can be a symbolic start if we choose to believe- the chance to actualize our dreams with new found reprogramming and to finally see our own potential with utter clarity. There is so much going on in these unprecedented times but Rochestie knows that by spreading this powerful message, we can truly cultivate the life we deeply desire. In A NEW 20/20 VISION: Cultivate Joy, Reprogram Your Mind, and Define Life Through An Authentic Lens (published by Wisdom House Press; February 22, 2021; available in paperback at B&N), Rochestie teaches readers that they too can design their very own inspired road map to create sustainable happiness.

A New 20/20 Vision is a deeply needed call to action, beckoning readers to always have a new found perspective and teaches them how to find joy in all aspects of life, no matter the circumstance. Featuring easily digestible prompts and practical exercises, A New 20/20 Vision is a timely approach to how we define authenticity. It guides readers to see that success lays the foundation for turning personal soul communication into purposeful action.

Insights from A New 20/20 Vision includes:
+How to reclaim your truth and start your journey today.
+Beautifully design a life beyond your wildest dreams.
+Creating simple ways to defy the odds by cultivating endless thankfulness.
+Learn how to make joy a prerequisite, to attract what you truly desire.

Exploring everything from how to reprogram your mind to understanding the importance of communication and how to redefine obligations, A New 20/20 Vision ignites a flame within all of us to easily identify what no longer brings us joy. It’s perfect for anyone who believes that life doesn’t have to be so hard and that we actually have the power within ourselves to inspire inspiration.

This feel good book is a quick read and Taylor’s unwavering optimism coupled with his purposeful voice, will continue to inspire generations for years to come.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR TAYLOR ROCHESTIE is a professional athlete who’s traveled the world playing basketball for over 12 years. Having lived in 12 countries, he’s immersed himself in local cultures and learning about the diversity of life’s truths. He offers a unique perspective by sharing his new 20/20 vision for the future. Taylor has been seen in ESPN, Sports Illustrated, Forbes, CBS, NBC, Thrive Global and more and is a best selling author, international speaker, husband and father who is currently on his media tour promoting his book while playing overseas, professional basketball. Follow along his journey.