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Portable Humidifier Market Competitive Environment and Higher Growth Rate with Forecast to 2029

Portable Humidifier Market: Overview

Concerns pertaining to ill effects of climatic change are increasing every day. Significant shift in temperature as well as extreme heat and extreme cold are consequences of changing climatic conditions. Further, temperature shift is also affecting the air quality. Due to this, people are experiencing dry throat, dry cough, bloody noses, sinus congestion, dry skin, and nose irritation.

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To prevent occurrence of these conditions, consumers are adopting use of humidifiers. Humidifiers help in maintaining the humidity in air, thus, help to maintain needed air quality for households. Owing to the advantages offered by humidifiers, portable humidifiers are also gaining traction.

These portable humidifiers serve the purpose of humidifiers and can be carried around with ease. Also, they are cost effective and easy to handle. It maintains humidity as per the requirement of an individual. Rising awareness about the use of portable humidifiers are likely to fuel global portable humidifier market in the course of forecast period i.e. 2019-2029.

The upcoming report on portable humidifier market is a comprehensive study of the market. The report provide insights about the market segments which are likely to contribute to the growth of portable humidifier market in the coming years. Further, the report provides details about key trends which are projected to shape the growth of this market. Also, the market is divided into regions and sub-regions.

Portable Humidifier Market: Notable Developments

As per a study, right amount of humidity in the air can help prevent the risk of flu outbreak or transmission. By altering the level of humidity, viruses can be controlled. Indoor humidity can be significantly controlled with the help of portable humidifiers. This, in turn, can reduce the overall transmission of flu viruses.

As per the result of modelling analysis, use of portable humidifiers can add the level of RH and AH. This, in turn, can potentially mitigate the survival rate of airborne influenza virus in residential setting.

At the same time, researchers warned about the sweet spot in humidity level. It should not be too high or too low.

Some of the key manufacturers of portable humidifiers are

  • Venta Air Technologies
  • Jarden Corporation
  • Hunter Home Comfort
  • Honeywell International Inc.
  • Dyson Ltd.

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Portable Humidifier Market: Key Trends

Climatic change is attributed as key factor accounting for rising demand for portable humidifier across the globe. These devices are light-weight, thus, easy to carry and handle. Also, low maintenance makes them highly cost-effective.

This, in turn, is enhancing the adoption rate of portable humidifiers.

However, complains of burns due to humidifiers have been registered recently. This poses risk to babies in vicinity of portable humidifiers. This can be a restraining factor for the growth of portable humidifier market.

Also, excessive of humidity results in condensation on walls, which later becomes home to molds.

Portable Humidifier Market: Regional Analysis

North America has been dominating in the global portable humidifier market. The region, standalone, contributed 40% of the total revenue. The contribution is a result of rising awareness about the affects of low humid climate and dry air. Cold climate also plays a significant role in enhancing the demand for portable humidifier in the region. However, the demand keeps fluctuating in warm seasons.

Moreover, presence of pool of manufacturers in the region plays a substantial role in expansion of the market in the region. These manufacturers collaborate with the regulatory bodies such as USEPA (The Environmental Protection Agency), and ASHRAE (The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers) for product promotion.

In line, Europe also holds a substantial share of global portable humidifier market. Colder climate and increasing awareness among consumers are the key factors accounting contribution from the region.

Dry winter in countries of Asia Pacific is projected to be present a wide expansion opportunity for portable humidifier market.

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