Pension Reform Battle Moves to Ballot; State Committee OKs Audit Request

Jesse Jones

Employee reacts to testimony.

San Jose’s pension reform battle will move to the June 5 election ballot and possibly a courtroom after a divided City Council voted to let the public decide how escalating employee pension costs should be managed in the future to avoid severe service cuts to residents.

The 8-3 vote on […]

San Jose Mayor Pushes Fiscal Reforms, Promises to Restore City Services

Watch the State of the City Address Online

Listen to KQED’s Interview With Mayor Chuck Reed and Other Leaders

Promising that his fiscal reform plan will allow the city to open libraries and community centers, fix roads and improve police and fire services, San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed called on community members and city employees […]

Budget Game Puts Neighborhood Leaders, Youth in the Priority-Setting Hot Seat

Photos by Dorian Silva

Gathered around a table at San Jose City Hall, eights acting budgetmakers generated $100 million in sales and parcel taxes and spent $124.1 million to restore services cut in past years. They voted to reopen community centers and libraries, pave streets, bolster public safety and boost anti-gang efforts. And they did […]